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"Территория танца" - Лиричесский джаз

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Исполнитель: "Территория танца"

Название трека: Лиричесский джаз

Длительность: 04:35

Добавлен: 2015-12-10

Прослушали: 651


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Текст песни:

It's cold again and I do not know what to do
I need a friend, but all I really want is you
Where have you been?
I haven't seen you for so long
I guess you're gone
You're really gone

So long ago you told me you'd never leave S
What do you know.
Things have changed so suddenly
Here I am.
I am moving on without you
Without You

Now the years have passed us by
And I still do not know why
Before you tried
You chose to quit
So where are you tonight
You could make it all alright
But instead you're missing it
You're missing it

You're missing it.
All the things that I have done
You're missing it.
Everything I have become
So wave goodbye.
You can never get it back
No you can't
You really can not

There'll be a day when you wish you could go back
When your mistakes will catch up with where you're at
Before you know all your chances will be gone
They will be gone

Клип Выступление! Группа Джаз Фанк "Территория танца"


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